Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In The Army Now - Recolored

I posted this caption earlier in one of my earlier recap dumps, but I was inspired to go back and take a stab at recoloring it a bit, trying out some new things I've learned since I colored it the first time. Gradient shading, zip tones, those sorts of things. I love Stan Goldberg's line art.

Parting Gift

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maria & Luigina

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, it never fails to astonish me at how hard writing TG recaps actually is, you think you have a good idea seed, but when you start putting text down you discover you've got more idea then will fit in the box, and then you're stuck editing and reediting again and again. Rest assured I have new stuff coming, including a new caption series.
So in lieu of posting new captions, I'll introduce another passion of mine. Art. I sometimes draw, not very well, but I do. As practice I sometimes draw TG related images that I will share here from time to time as well.
This particular image is a sketch I did for a mini-comic idea I'd like to expand on. Staring those lovable Nintendo mascots, Mario and Luigi. Ol' King Bowser's got some plans for our plucky plumbers of the TG variety.

This is actually a pencil sketch that I scanned in and darkened, I put color to it just for practice. Digital coloring, along with most other artistic aspects, is something I work on a lot.
This started out as just me trying to design the female personas of Mario/Luigi for my comic idea. Luigina came out pretty much exactly what I going for the first time. Maria on the other hand took like three times as long to figure out her figure and facial features.